techtalk – Redesign 2015

Posted byChristian Moser Posted on28. September 2014 Comments0

Let’s start into the new year with a completed redesign. During the process I tried to archive following goals:

Make it responsive

Since a third of all my visitors are using a mobile device or tablet, I wanted to provide a better experience especially for smaller displays.

Make it faster

The latest posts were very popular, which lead to a higher server load and long loading time or even complete downtimes. Therefore I tried to improve caching and image optimisations.

Make it more social

The old design barely linked social media profiles. In addition, the valuable comments section was quite hidden and hard to find.

Make it secure

Make techtalk secured by SSL by default. This makes also sense for Google ratings.

Make it covering costs

With approx 100’000 unique visitors last year and a lot of down time I needed to move the site to a non free managed webhosting provider that is faster and hopefully more reliable as well. I decided to put some adwords on the blog for covering those costs.

Make it more widespread

I registered more domains and a SSL certificate. The blog is now reachable under following domains:

Where .me will be the new default domain.