Author: Christian Moser

How to power Logitech Circle View Homekit camera via PoE outdoors

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 5. November 2022 Comments: 6

In case you were also wondering on how one should power the IP64 rated camera outdoors with the provided indoor only rated power supply, then please continue reading. 🙂 Currently, there is no Homekit compatible camera that supports PoE for outdoor installation but one could follow this post to achieve the said. I tried to make the guide as simple as possible, no soldering skills are required. Note, the following…

How to configure an ingress controller for an Amazon EKS Kubernetes Cluster using Rancher 2.1

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 4. December 2018 Comments: 0

Rancher allows either provisioning a Kubernetes cluster from scratch for several cloud infrastructure providers using its Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) or even more convenient to import an already hosted cluster such as AWS EKS or Google Kubernetes Engine. In this post, I’m going to explain how a EKS cluster can be imported and properly setup to leverage full ingress support in Rancher. The explained ingress setup is not necessary if…

Extend the lifetime of Brother MFC ink cartridges

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 31. December 2016 Comments: 0

To let your printer think the ink level is still sufficient for its services, you can trick the “light sensor” with black electrician’s tape on the ink cartridge: Done, the error message should fade away and you’re able to use the printer again. Note: In my case there was still quite some ink the cartridge to allow “ok” prints. You should replace the empty cartridge soon to prevent a clogged print head,…