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Use Apple’s USB SuperDrive with Linux

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 30. March 2014 Comments: 93

I’m really surprised and disappointed that Apple prevents us from using their USB SuperDrive with non Apple devices. How to outsmart Apple’s firmware Fortunately, with a little hack, we can awake the drive from its deep slumber. It’s required to send a “magic” byte sequence after the drive was connected. I got this byte sequence from a source I no longer can find on the web. So, I don’t take…

How to build your own Ambilight TV with Raspberry Pi and XBMC

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 20. February 2014 Comments: 241

I always wanted one of those colourful glowing large TV screens in my living room but I never felt like paying a fortune for it. So, why don’t do it on my own? I ordered two Raspberry Pis, which seemed like a perfect fit for a media center and a LED controller because of the built in SPI bus interface. After some research, I decided that using SMD LED strips…

How to fix Nikkor 18-200mm not focusing on distant objects

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 9. February 2014 Comments: 4

I’ve recently purchased an used Nikkor 18-200mm VR first generation lens with an UV filter. After some testing, I figured out that it won’t focus on distant objects (> 20m) when it’s zoomed between the 135 to 200mm zoom range, neither with autofocus nor manual focus. Fortunately, after some research, there was an easy fix for the problem. Pick up your camera with the lens mounted, dismount the lens hood…