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Extend the lifetime of Brother MFC ink cartridges

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 31. December 2016 Comments: 0

To let your printer think the ink level is still sufficient for its services, you can trick the “light sensor” with black electrician’s tape on the ink cartridge: Done, the error message should fade away and you’re able to use the printer again. Note: In my case there was still quite some ink the cartridge to allow “ok” prints. You should replace the empty cartridge soon to prevent a clogged print head,…

Use Apple’s USB SuperDrive with Linux

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 30. March 2014 Comments: 93

I’m really surprised and disappointed that Apple prevents us from using their USB SuperDrive with non Apple devices. How to outsmart Apple’s firmware Fortunately, with a little hack, we can awake the drive from its deep slumber. It’s required to send a “magic” byte sequence after the drive was connected. I got this byte sequence from a source I no longer can find on the web. So, I don’t take…

Fan control for Lenovo S10-3T

Posted by: Christian Moser Posted on: 3. February 2011 Comments: 6

The Lenovo S10-3T is a very smart device but when it comes to noise, it is very annoying. So I decided to modify a fan control profile written in C# for Notebook Hardware Control (NHC), which was originally programmed for the Lenovo S10 netbook. It required also some changes to make the file compatible with the newest release of NHC version 2.4.3 (32 Bit only). click here to download the…